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About Us

When I came to the Washington countryside, I had a desire to create a place that echoed the beauty of the European homes and gardens I’d admired while growing up in Portugal. 

During my childhood I had the opportunity to walk through old-world gardens and admire vine-covered houses. These we places that fused beauty with functionality; that married elegance of form with lasting function. I romanticized about creating and living in places like those. 

Years passed, and life got busy with other passions and ventures. It was only when I settled in the Pacific Northwest that the lush landscape inspired me to begin building my dream. 

In 2000 the villa was completed. In 2006, Purple Rain Vineyard was established as a CSA, (Community Supported Agriculture) with a plan to transition to an event venue, and in the future, a winery. In 2016 we renamed Purple Rain Vineyard to Monet Vineyards. We feel that Monet Vineyards fits the current and future vision of the venue’s landscape.

While I still have the privilege and pleasure of calling the space my home, Monet Vineyards is now open for private functions and photo sessions for you to enjoy and create memorable moments. I want to share with you, as others did with me, the peace and simple joy of a well-loved place that stands in harmony with nature.

— Luisa DePaiva, owner of Monet Vineyards

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